The Journey

The Amazon Summer School is a 21-day intensive program focused on building capacities to understand, reflect on and take action in the field of sustainable development. 

Participants learn from local community leaders, sustainability practitioners, the forest and each other. Through a collective learning process, the group will build their experience together based on shared purpose, work and values. 

This program is for people who have a passion for change and want to deepen their experiential and theoretical knowledge of sustainability, community engagement and collaboration. 

We bring together participants from different countries, sectors, backgrounds, fields of work, and areas of study. A multiplicity of world views and practical knowledge is needed to address the complexity of our growing global opportunities and challenges.


About Amazon Summer School 2016 edition

Amazon Summer School 2016 - Official Trailer



This program will be hosted by the community of Tumbira, which is located in the Rio Negro Protected Area of the Brazilian State of Amazonas. 



This program is based on 6 inter-related modules that support personal and collective learning:


The program uses a conceptual frameworks for sustainable development, an overview of relevant history from the perspective of local communities and organizations currently working in the Amazon region. 

Love for nature

Participants will visit leading Amazon research centers and organizations to explore the ecological dynamics of the Amazon rainforest, including studies of: flora, fauna, water, climate, land use, history, and geography.


Participants are invited to prototype solutions and put learning into practice. This is the moment to collaborate with local communities and test ideas together. 

Know How

Classes with sustainability practitioners and leaders from different sectors will share stories, learnings, frameworks, practices, and concepts to enrich participant knowledge and understanding while growing their practical tool box of skills and methods.

Care for people

By experiencing direct exchange with local communities, their knowledge, and their wisdom participants will gain a greater understanding of how to  how to meaningfully engage those impacted by actions taken in local communities and how to work collaboratively. 

Know yourself

This module will happen throughout the program to support each individual's personal learning journey 


The team is made up of sustainability professionals and academics, teachers from the local communities, mentors, program coordinators and learning facilitators (click on the pictures to know more about each one).


Through participatory learning methodologies that balance practice and theory, participants are guided by experiential learning facilitators that support the individual and collective learning process. 

Learning takes place on 3 levels:


Participants learn and apply systemic thinking and complexity frameworks in order to see the whole picture and address root causes. This includes situating challenges within a greater global context and considering the interdependence and interrelated nature of their work.


The local community of Tumbira where the course takes place and the communities participants are a part of are areas of focus for learning, application, and impact. 


Individuals build their own leadership capacities and explore their personal journey.

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